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Broken display?


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I ended up biting the bullet and replacing my dash.  Even with the trick of putting pressure on the top, after a few months the screen began intermittently failing and finally wouldn't display anything at all.  I bought the screen I linked above from eBay, which shipped from china in ~3 weeks.  It was definitely a new screen and was in good condition.  I just finished installing it, seems to look just like the original and works great. 

While I am disappointed that the dash failed in the first place, solving this problem for $150 and not losing my original ODO reading feels like  a win.

Edit: 5/2024, after 6 months, still working great.  0 regrets.

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@clinical Any idea if buying that replacement lcd screen would help or come with new buttons? Just purchased a 2015 fz07 with 8600 miles, but the 2 buttons on the cluster are not working for me to view temperatures or change the clock or view anything accept the mileage at the moment. It does have a lcd flip kit on it as well, which has some discoloration, so I almost want to replace the whole thing if I can’t figure out how to fix it properly. ThankYou in advance, new to the site! 

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@Ant96 I bet you can solve that for $0.  There are plastic pieces that connect the actual rubber button to the switch on the circuit board (if you look at the pictures I posted earlier in this thread they go into those white pentagon shaped tubes).  If those are installed upside-down they don't properly press the switches and they just don't work.  I bet the last owner installed both of those upside-down when doing the lcd flip.  So open up the display, and flip around the plastic pieces that go in that tube and everything will probably work.  I'd just test everything open on the bike before reassembling to make sure you got it (you can also feel the switch click when you have it the proper way).

But to directly answer your question, no the switches are on the board so if it turns out to be a problem with the board won't help.  But I'm very sure it was just a reassembly mistake.

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When I read this thread a few weeks ago, it made me decide to go proactive.  Although, my cluster gauge hasn't taken a $hit (yet), I went ahead and "reinforced" the ribbon connector.  Using epoxy (JB Weld), applying it in a "C-clamp" fashion.  Basically, glue covers the connector, to the side and onto the back of the board.  Mimicking a C-clamp. The epoxy is non conductive, so no worries about electrical shorts.

I suspect the cause of this cluster damage is the result of cumulative vibrations, heat cycles, or mishandling.  

So far so good, and only time will tell.


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