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Hord Intake System (two available): $175 each + shipping


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Hi.  I've changed over to the Yoshi system on my superbike and back to the OEM airbox on the other to make it superstock legal.

As it states, I have two of these.  Both in great shape.  The filter is on one is a little less fresh looking than the one pic, as that was when it was brand new, but those are the only pics I have of it on me.  Both units are in a box, and I will add some more pictures of them, as they currently are, disassembled, when I'm in my garage next.  Both filters cleaned recently.  I would just put it on and go.

They both have a modified OEM airbox for MotoAmerica compliance.  You can keep these on there, or take them of.  Probably good measure to just keep them on for spill control.  Otherwise, it's just on your tire.

These add a ton of power over stock.  Yes, you'd need a tune. 



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