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Does the MT-07 A2 restricted has the same jerky throttle at low rpms?

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Hello everyone, I'm a new member and a possible MT-07 buyer. Currently I own an CRF300L which some of you might know, it has a very snatchy throttle, like an on/off switch and at low rpms if you hold the throttle steady it behaves like someone would kick you from behind.
I've heard that MT-07 has some similar issues. My questions would be:

1. is the snatchiness on the stock MT-07 as strong as the one on the CRF300L?

2. is the snatchiness from the A2 restricted MT-07 more discreet than the snatchiness from the non-restricted MT-07?

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First I will tell you your problem is that a single doesn't like idling along smoothly, If you did that on my SR500 opening the throttle or not being careful at about any rpm under 2500 rpm you'd think you were on a bucking horse.   Same with the KLX650 and 250.  Unless you're really careful and smooth with the throttle it is a fact of life with singles.  Keep the rpm up a bit and use the clutch some if needed.   In stop and go or slow going I will get rolling and pull in the clutch just to avoid the headache.  And I've been riding singles now since around 1987 or so when I got an SR500, plus around 20 years riding the 650 for all purposes.  I can ride them smooth as silk, keeping the rpm up a bit.

I don't know about the newer MTs, but my '18 XSR700 isn't the smoothest off the bottom unless I'm gentle on the throttle.  Part of it is due to the ECU, part is if I'm just not careful.  It isn't hard or any big deal, so I'm not having any reflashing done.  I think at a bit higher rpm when rolling with clutch engaged, when the throttle is closed the fuel delivery is shut off, making a bit of jerking when opening the throttle again.  I may be wrong on that, but I believe I read about that.   When I first start out riding I find I need to initially be careful, even if the last time I rode was yesterday, can't explain it, just have to get rolling I guess.  Within a minute or so I'm back to normal with no issues.

Let's see what others have to say.  I'm no expert by any means I can only offer what I have experienced.  You need to use rpm and clutch on the 300 to avoid chain snatch due to the nature of single cylinder characteristics, though.

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Thank you very much @klx678, indeed I use the clutch in those low rpm situations.

I'm just hoping that the A2 Restricted MT-07 is a bit less snatchy than the un-restricted MT-07 or at least MT-07 in general is less snatchy than my CFR300L.

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