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Pearl white over here in sunny san diego, ca!!!


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Whats up ladies and gents!!!, names mericc/ 27:Male/ residing in good old San Diego, CA :D, been looking for a forum to join since owning this bike and ta-da i found one haha, anyways picked up a 2015 pearl white fz07 about 3 weeks ago and loving it, hmm so lets see...so far on mods...the only thing i have are the rizoma frame sliders. Currently my bike is over at GPR Stabilizers Racing getting a prototype worked on for our 07's, I shall keep you guys updated if any you folks are interested in a stabilizer, but besides that going to add some other things like a tail tidy and upgrade the handlebars? sorry if picture is too big lol, anyways excited to join the fam! 8-)

2015 Pearl White FZ-07
"such a torky lil guy"

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Very nice mericc, good to see you here. Awesome bike !

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