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Auto and semi auto chain oilers


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Anyone else into Chain oilers? In Europe, alot of people use em. They drip oil onto both sides of your chain so that both sides of O-rings get good lubrication.
Some are expensive as hell. Some even use GPS to determine when to drip oil.
I like the basic kind. Loobman makes a great basic one and you just push a button down for ten seconds right before you ride and it fulls the tube and starts dripping slowly. I had one on my DRZ-400 and the orings on the chain were still good at 12000 miles. I'd like to say that I prop my bike up on the stand and oil the chain once per week, but I don't.
I'm ordering another Loobman chain oiler for my FZ-09 and a spare for the FZ-07 when I get it.

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I want to try one out, but I'm gonna let you guys find out what works best first. ;)

Everything went braap.

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Their website says "If buying three or more units BUY ONE GET ONE FREE."
I wonder if they are open to a Group Buy deal?

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