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New kid from NYC, saying hello!


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Do people in cars usually have their passes attached to their windshields? If so, it probably has to do with the angle and that's why it works on a bikes windscreen so well. It's angled back.
It is parallel to the angle of the upper portion of the headlight. (area with 4 bolts)
I would agree, except that my ezpass in the van is just sitting flat on the dash and still registers reliably. It was mounted behind the rearview mirror for a while but the summer heat melted the heavy duty 3M adhesive strips.
Beats me tho.. Ezpass came out in the late 80's and I think all their tolls are still built with radio shack surplus supplies because it's one of the most poorly managed companies in the U.S.
lol! Radio Shack = "Made in China"! The culprit has been exposed.


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That's a legit pic of the dog. Also, what brand are the mirrors?
Didn't see a brand listed. Very well could be some sort of eBay special, but they seem pretty well constructed.
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