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Fork pre load adjusters just arrived


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Thank's for the reply.
I'm on notch 5 on the rear and get 30 mm sag.
The front is stock and a bit soft. It feels like I'm always microadjusting the steering in the corners and can't really find that nice and steady line trough them. I don't ride hard, just looking for that harmonic feeling in the corners for "normal" riding. Not willing to cough up for cartridges and a new rear shock so I will probably get these adjusters and try to set it up as good as it gets with that.
Always afraid of stiffening up too much so that the front wheel start bouncing and skipping in the corners.

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Gotta throw my vote in for these. With my R6 assembly on the front I've added 5ish lbs. And with myself on as well these preload adjusters make a world of difference.
No more sudden plunges on braking and the front end feels much more planted in hard turning.
Best 35$ I spent. Easily.
Going to have to take another loop of Devil's Triangle now.

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