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Gregjet's perfect bike?


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No doubt it's a nice bike, it reminds me of my friends modded SR500 that was light & punchy but @ 12k I'll stick with my FZ-07 and use the saved 5k at East Coast Pizza. Pizza can put a smile on your face, too!



pizza smiley face.jpg


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Sally, my partner, had until recently a 2013 KTM 690 Duke so I know the bike pretty well. They DID improve the incredibly poor fuelling and motor balance from 2017 but still not as good as the 07 ( and that's a worry). But it can be fixed like ours. The KTM handling and braking and suspension was exemplary. Like NO other bike I have ridden stock ( except for the stand up mid corner after trailing throttle because of the fuelling problem). Still given a choice, I would have my 07 as fixed.

BTW for those that don't know the Husky factory is Cagiva's old racing factory. Same place that made the Raptor and Superraptor and the Nuda, unless they moved it after they sold the company.

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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