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Is anyone following the NW 200? The first round of races were on Thursday, I watched them online on bbc tv livestream. The big race day is tomorrow, live streaming starts a 5am cst. http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/sol/newsid_7390000/newsid_7399400/7399440.stm I hope the link works, if not google it. Jeremey McWilliams finished second in the twins class at 52 year old I think, and it was a crazy race, there’s a Paton twin, sbk, sps, sstock,spstock, twins, all on the road at Portstewart-Colraine-Portrush, Northern Ireland. This is the big 1 before the TT. It’s phenomal, if you haven’t seen it, it worth a watch.

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