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Fz07 with r1 fork swap and a bunch of other things


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Nice work. If it were mine I would swap out the levers for some of those gold anodized ones or sumtin gold sumwar to compliment the forks and jazz that suckah up complete! (assuming this pic is up to date)


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Ya it is up to date I’ve actually got gold r1 rims too but I didn’t like the look. I already spent the money on the pazzo levers so I don’t think I’d change them...at least not yet lol.

right now I’m debating whether to get the dynotune with the power commander and auto tune. Or get the dynotune with a flashed ecu. 350$ for the dynotune if I keep the pc5 or 500$ to get the dyno and flash. Then I could sell the pc and autotune.


im still working on a potential new location for my shock reservoir, as someone had mentioned that it’s kinda in harms way. And I agree. My thinking is a new bracket made to mount it just above the shock where the old air box was. 


Going to to make a couple of carbon fibre parts too.


and potentially remake the gauge cluster bracket so that I can mount a steering damper.

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Any problems that you stumbled upon?
Does it sits lower now?

Did you use the R1 rim, or it was possible to put back your own?

Could one mount a handle bar instead of clipons?

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It does not sit lower.

I didn't use the r1 rim I used r6 (it's just what was available). 

It was not really possible to use factory rim ...I tried the inside and outside dimensions of the wheel bearings required were not available anywhere. I'll likely get them powder coated at some point. 

Yes you could mount handlebars as it's a factory fz09 upper Triple, I actually use the risers to mount my guage..

The only issue I'm having is not related to the forks.

The engine seems to bog down significantly around 4000-5000 rpm. Even after my dyno it did not fix. Not sure what it could. It will even stall at idle occasionally.

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