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Attention - change in business processes


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In light of the pretty lousy job I've been doing this spring on fulfillment turn-around I am making the following changes.

* shipping in of forks for service/install will only be accepted between Nov and March.
Exceptions are possible but will ONLY be done via reservation (online calendar here) and upon confirmation of kit being built and allocated.

* GSXR retrofits are mostly retired. I will still be making some up and maybe doing some cool things like Big-Piston forks, but since they take so much time and effort to do, I will instead be providing Andreani, Matris F15k, and Ohlins NIX-22 for ready consumption. If you really want the GSXR option you may need to be patient.

* Commercial items (Andreani, Matris, Andreani, Ohlins etc.) and shock orders (Nitron, K-TEch, Ohlins etc) will be processed in 2 or 3 business days and reflected in Paypal via the 'In Process' state label.

I will endeavor to stock K-Tech and Nitron shocks, Andreani and Matris fork kits so dependency on upstream suppliers is mitigated.

I would like to continue to be this forum's choice of quality suspension parts at good prices and I hope I can earn back some of the reputation I held previously. 

Thank you.

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