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Hello from the UK :)


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Hello all :)


New MT-07 owner from Essex in the UK here... looking for a nice community of like minded fellow MT riders. Been riding for over 20 years and owned a 1992 Honda CB750 for the last 11 years. Finally took the plunge a few days ago and traded the old dinosaur in against a brand spanking new 2018 MT07 in Night Fluo :) 


Fitted a Black Widow carbon fibre exhaust within an hour of the bike being delivered and now I've done just over 100 miles on it in the last couple of days.


To say I'm happy with the little MT would be a massive understatement!! What an awesome bike!!! Light, nimble, grunty, responsive and just a tiny bit antisocial with that exhaust on it (even with the baffles still in it's a certified window rattler!!). 


I have lots of bits on order for it like engine case guards, axle sliders front and rear, rad guard, tail tidy / fender eliminator, small screen / wind shield etc.


Are there any other forum members here in the UK??? 


Thanks for reading :) Any advice or suggestions on parts or upgrades for the MT would be very welcome .. specifically if any one knows which aftermarket parts from earlier models will also fit the restyled 2018 bike.


Cheers all, ride safe!! :) 






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Hi MTGoat. Welcome. I am in UK. It is hard to know how many there are of us without looking everyone up!  There is only me on the member map. We may be almost alone (although I suspect we are not) but we can still enjoy the good forum. Love those wheels, btw - and the 2018. 

Just do it! 

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