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2018 MT-07 fairing removal


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Hi folks,


Quick post to see if someone can explain how to remove the fairing around the tank on a 2018 bike. I want to get at the flasher relay (which I presume is in the same location as the previous years) but I don't know how to remove this fairing, and I am too scared to try and work it out for myself in case I break something.


Thanks very much!


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I can't say for sure but it seems to me after taking the screws out a quick tug would undo it. It shouldn't take the jaws of life to separate it.


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After writing up instructions on removing the side panels on a 2014-2017, I did a reading comprehension check on the original post. and noticed you mentioned it was a 2018. So I can be of no assistance. Sorry.

When you figure it out post some helpful pix or video so the rest of us can benefit from your experience, please. 👍

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Just shut up and ride.

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I did this to my 2018 the other day when I installed my EJK.  I didn't take any pics because I was figuring it out as I went. However, it turned out to be pretty easy, seemingly easier than the previous model years based on the EJK install video I watched.


Basically, you can remove the two colored tank shell pieces and the central black plastic piece that surrounds the filler cap as one unit.   I simply removed the two air scoops on either side (1 or 2 screws and some clips IIRC) and then removed about 6 or so screws from the tank shell (two at the base, two near the filler cap, 2 near the radiator) and the whole thing lifted off.


One thing I didn't think of until I was done was using some of the diagrams on the parts websites for reference.  For example, at first, I tried to remove each side of the tank shell separately.  The parts diagram seems to indicate that this isn't possible (bolts hold the shell to the central piece from underneath.



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It's super easy I own a 2018, just unbolt it from the side and then above the radiator will be a bolt as well if I remember correctly, when u have all the bolts out just tug on it, not to hard, and it will begin to pop off from the clips. Ezpz

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I can't link Youtube videos at work, but there should be a TST Industries install video where he shows you exactly how to pull off the side fairings. It's 3 bolts if I remember correctly, one is actually on the inside of the fairing near the fork. After that you just pull straight out and it should pop off. I'd definitely check to find that video - like you, I'm terrified of pulling panel pieces off...I have a bad history with them haha.

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To remove the side panel.  It's 3 screws (2 stainless, 1 black 4mm hex) from the front of each side panels and one at the other end (4mm stainless). you remove the small front plastic part by pulling side ways to unclip it. then just pull a bit upward on each side panel. 

You then need to remove both black screws on top (4mm hex) of the tank cover then the side screws (stainless 5mm hex) from each side-front . You will then be able to remove the tank cover in one part.  That is an easy job you just need to take your time. I had to remove the whole thing to route the OEM heated grips cable under the tank. I took an hour and 1/2 and it was my first time. My GSX-S1000F fairing is a lot more job to remove. ;) 

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