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Lost loves, the ride that you miss the most


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Of all the bikes that you owned, which do you miss the most.

For me, it's my VF1000f Interceptor, the Grand Daddy of the VFR. V4 smooth power, good looks and at the time, the fastest production Moto.

I even had the matching touring bags. One cool retro ride.

Still in lust with it.

Anyone else got any cool retro ride pics?



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Probably my V65 Magna.  Loved the look, feel, and power that bike had.  Great ride.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

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For a long time I had romantic memories of the Honda CB100 I bought new in 1980, but going back to that tiny toy would be ruinous. In general, though, I do not miss sold bikes. I can miss bits from it, like the grunt of my VS1400 or the styling of my CX500 or the many good rides on my GS550E or the unflappable stability of my CB1100F etc. However, I sell a bike because I want something else.


Except for one; my ridden-to-the-ground 1987 XT600Z Tenere. It was in a sad state when I bought it, but it was still a very fun bike to ride and own. However, since everything from the instruments to the body panels to the brakes to the suspension to the splines on the output shaft where heavily worn - only the engine was good - I decided sell it.


And I still have some regrets about that. It wasn't a particularly good bike, even if new, but it was cool as well as ugly (is there even a good looking dual-purpose bike made?) with a huge 30 litre tank (stock was 23 l, but the PO had fitted an older Tenere tank) and a relaxed engine; 4000 rpm gave an honest 68 mph.



XT Obrestadhamna fiskebåter.jpg

XT på gamle vei over Frafjord.jpg

XT ved Bakke Bro fra 1877 i Sira1.jpg

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