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[SC Project Conic] Vibrations Problem


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Hi guys, honored to join this forum and hope I will be able to add some value over time.

I wanted to get a bit of your help regarding a problem I've been having with my new exhaust SC Project Conic. 

I fitted it last week and it both sounds and looks absolutely amazing. However, there is one very annoying and unpleasant aspect of it: it seems to be cause the bike to vibrate quite a bit which I can feel mainly in the foot pegs.


This is my second FZ 07 (first one written off due to an idiot causing an accident) and in the previous one I was running the Akra exhaust and did not have such problem. 


Did anyone experience anything similar? I noticed that the SC is mounted without any rubber between the exhaust and the bike, thinking to perhaps try to fit some in-between to reduce the vibrations. 


Extremely appreciate any help here!

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