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WA Yamaha Demo Days. Noble Rush Auburn Sept 21/22


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I went last year, demo'd the FZ09 and R6.  I think I'll try to make it this year and demo the MT10 which I was supposed to do last year.


Anyone going?  Maybe I'll see you there.  I'm going to try for the Fri 2-3pm spots.


I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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I might try to get there if they do not come to Skagit Powersports this year.  I also want to ride the MT-10. 

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I pulled up behind a guy on a bike the other night. At first I was about two car lengths behind him when I came to a stop but the sound of the pipes drew me in closer. It sounded very bad-ass, it popped like a hopped up muscle car and I had to know what it was. As I got closer I could see why it sounded so damned good, it was a freakin' VMax. I've never heard the new ones and man, was I impressed. Nothing sounds like that v4 powerhouse. I didn't know they sounded that good. An effing V4 hotrod that thing is! I talked to the guy briefly and he exclaimed the bike was "fast as hell". He was very excited to be on it, eyes bugging, ha, I would be excited too. I was excited just hearing the thing. I honestly think you could get an adrenaline rush just sitting on it idling. The hairs on me stood up.


I could get one if I wanted but a part of me says I'll get into trouble with one. The angel on my shoulder says I'll be alright. I tell myself you only live once ….. Should I get one?


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2 hours ago, Beemer said:

 ….. Should I get one?

Only if you put me in your Will first. 😁

Just shut up and ride.

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