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Installed all the parts today, pictures posted tomorrow.
Only thing I don't like are the mirrors so I kept the oem ones instead of the bar ends.
Here's a quick little video of the stuff working.
At the end what I'm showing is shirk wrap tubes with solder in the middle and weather seals on both ends.
Save's so much time when doing wiring and works just like shrink wrap does
[video src=http://youtu.be/RnOphavTahE?list=UUhd-nJF_KufvnNhjrVhu4Sw]

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@jasonaz1, have you entered the bike of the month contest? There's another white one so far.

Illegitimi non carborundum

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looked like that one got a little sketchy lol. are you just in second and going wide open?
Yeah that's the highest I've pop up so far sorta surprised me hahahaI was in first gear and was doing 25-30mph and wasn't wot but pretty close.I normally just try in 2nd gear and its not has harsh or rapid of a throw back hahaIn second I can pop up and ride it out a little before it goes back down. So first gear was yeaaahhhhhhh  
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