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Crash Tested Gear (Cycle Gear Jeans + Fulmer Jacket)


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OK it's not like I wanted to test this stuff, but I can say if you choose not to wear gear, well good luck. I low sided today and slid probably 30-40 feet mostly on my back and chest, somehow momentum flipped me from my back to my chest.
I wear a pair of Cycle Gear Ironworks Jeans and a Fulmer mesh jacket. I wear gloves and boots also. All of my gear did exactly what it was designed to do. My jeans have a rip right below my right knee pad and my jacket has some tears in my right elbow pad and on the chest.
As I inspected my gear I can't imagine how much road rash I would have had in my knee, butt, back, chest, and elbow.

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Glad your ok and the gear worked. How's the bike?
The bike is gonna be OK, it slid on the throttle side the whole way, there is a good shop that is gonna pick it up today or tomorrow
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Do you happen to have pics of the aftermath ? Glad your ok !
Yeah I have a few, the gear really held up well, just a hole below the knee pad on the right side, tears on my elbow pads, and a couple holes in the front of the jacket 
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