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Hey All.
First couple of quick post here on FZ-07 Forums. This place is fun and looks to grow with the sucess of the new bike.
I'm a long time bicycle rider, racer, lover, tuner, moder etc and finally got into bikes last July. Went out looking for a new hobby that requires less time and more mileage and this is what happened. Really interested in moto's as my dad owned several Harley's (4 at one time the lucky guy) and know I'm hooked. PNW should be a great place to ride and the community appears to be fun as well. 
Took my classes in July at the Team Oregon center in Swan Island and learned a ton. So much so that my driving has been improved as well. Bought a bunch of nice riding gear (shamless MotoCorsa plug here). 
Anyways. Looking forward to participating here and hopefully helping in some discussions. 
Cheers to the weekend.

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Welcome pdxmech13! Thanks for joining, do you have your bike yet?

Illegitimi non carborundum

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I wrenched at various levels in the bicycle industry.
thats actually my bike the day I bought it in July. Owned it for 30 days before taking the course and a license. It looks and sounds a little different since then. 

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