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Check your tire pressure before first ride.


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Each spring, we hop on our bikes and blast off excited. Many of us do not stop and check our tire pressure. 



Also, how old is your helmet and gear?  Helmets should be replaced every five years, as the materials inside the helmet break downover time, especially after being dropped on the floor or concrete. 


Revzilla always has gear on sale, here is their "discounted gear" page. 



Discount motorcycle helmets from top brands are on sale at RevZilla. Get the best discount motorcycle helmet deals on all new gear.



So, take some time and check your tires, check your gear, be safe. Every spring, there is an uptick in rider deaths. Please, don't get splattered out there! 

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I installed the Cyclops TPMS.  If I pick up a puncture in the middle of a ride I want to know about it before things get "interesting."


Not so sure about the 5-year helmet rule, though.  Car racing organizations are accepting SA2010 helmets for another year.

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