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Hello everyone. Stumbled upon the forum while looking for parts, figured I would check it out. I bought my 2018 MT-07 in September 2018 new and just crested 1000 miles on it. I absolutely love this bike and bar none the most fun bike I've ridden. I've done a few things to it (Listed in my profile with pictures) but this summer I'm thinking about giving it a make over. I'm not sure what direction I want to go with it yet but it will come to me eventually. Look forward to talking and sharing ideas with you guys. 


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Welcome and congrats! Nudge, nudge! Just a suggestion, if you want your 07 to be different and make people wonder and get them talking go with a super motard style. It's already a naked and wouldn't take much more to get it resembling one real quick. A fender eliminator, high rise bars, shorty levers, etc. and slap a motocross style front fender on it. I've yet to see an 07 done like that. I might do it to mine if I ever get bored with it. It would be a good excuse to take off whatever else isn't need to save weight and get it leaning more toward a motard style. Being lighter might make it more fun to ride. I think it would be a first on this site. 


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