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Turn signal delay


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Bought my bike and it already came with LED turn signals and a TST  relay, the "issue" I'm having is that there's a delay from the time I flick the switch to when the LED turn on. It's almost as the sequence started with an off then on off on... Is that common? I have played with the speed of the indicators and the first "off" is always the same length as the following.

Almost seems like something is plugged backwards, the "on" is in fact the "off" if that makes any sense.. 

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It is a function of the flasher relay.  I just changed my relay and now they do what yours does.  With my old relay the light came on as soon as I moved the switch. 

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Yup, it's an issue with the TST relay and possibly others. Tst claims they are making a change later this year that will correct the delay.

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