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Hand cleaner 101


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Here's a little tech tip some folks know but I'm amazed how many people don't understand and/or misuse waterless hand cleaner. Even at the race track where I'm allegedly surrounded by gear heads. There are several good brands, Go-Jo, Permatex whatever take your pick. I like this one, works fabulously, smells great and leaves no residue or wierdness behind.


First off, NO WATER.

Squirt in palms, rub gunk off, wipe hands on paper towel. After a few seconds for hands to dry simply rub/dust away pumice residue. 

Perfectly clean hands without messing up the sink and no need for water. Perfect to keep in the shop, boat, camper or wherever. 

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fast orange is my fav. 
permatex makes some wonderful products and this is certainly worth the price,


ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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Funny, but that Fast Orange bottle doesn't specifically say "waterless" hand cleaner. I've seen other brands that specifically state that they're waterless, but I've only seen them at the dealership. Go figure.

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FYI: WalMart seems to have the best price for the Fast Orange. $10 for a gallon at my local supercenter. Amazon wants $15 for the same gallon. In the half gallon size WalMart still has a better deal with $6.50 vs $10 on Amazon.

Just shut up and ride.

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