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What tank grips do you 2018+ guys have?


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Hi All,

I can't seem to find any good tank grips for my 2018 MT-07.  The only one I see that is made for this bike is from TechSpec.  Not really a fan of it considering how much it covers the tank.  I wanted something that has a smaller footprint.


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you could always get a sheet and make your own. 

either way, tank grips are gonna cover your tank , its kinda what they do.

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ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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Yes, from a sheet of neoprene foam would be good as grips, if you can make them look decent.

Just do it! 

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For what it's worth, I think the TechSpec one shown above looks pretty decent. I don't currently have any grips installed though.

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Just found these. 


Want the highest-grip motorcycle tank pads? Eazi-Grip Yamaha tank grips provide traction when squeezing the tank and include a...

I'm still looking.

Scroll down the list here, there are several to choose from.

That's all I can find, I hope you like one of them!


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