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as you may have guessed from my username I used to have an R6, but it was recently removed from my possession by nefarious the individuals, so as to satiate my desires I have treated myself to a brand new 2019 MT07 complete with full titanium Akrapovic exhaust!


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Welcome. Very sorry to read of your bike loss. However, you have treats in store with the replacement. Enjoy.

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Just do it! 

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Welcome! Condolences and congrats! An MT-07 must seem like quite a different bike for you so I have to ask, what are your thoughts on the differences between your R6 and your MT-07 and did the torque of the 07 put a smile on your face?


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I love my R6...….

throttle tube on my FZ-07.  😁

Welcome to the cult of torque monster lovers.

Just shut up and ride.

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