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Ram Mounts. But more importantly, please use the search function...

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Ram Mounts and there are awesome videos on youtube on how to piece together the perfect mount for the FZ07.

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Ram mounts. I have the quadlock and it's ok but after a while the plastic lock vibrates and it gets loose. 


I'm going the ram mount next. Also make sure you super glue the rubber mounts or they will go flying off just like your phone. 

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Make sure your phone doesn't have an Optically stabilized lens or you'll kill it's ability to focus.


It's call OIS - most decent phones have it these days and ram mounts will fry em pronto. The only solution I know of that's proven to work is costly (


A must-have for thumpers. Single-cylinder bikes like to vibrate. And that vibration can kill the image-stabilization mechanism in your phone's camera. Our Buzz-Kill...




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