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Odometer Mileage Correction (Dash Replaced)


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Hey Everyone, 

New member here but I've tried various search terms and phrases and can't seem to come up with a solid answer so I'm seeking the advice of your more experienced FZ owners. I have a "new-to-me" 15 FZ-07 that I recently purchased but the dash was replaced due to it being stolen, I have the mileage written down but is there a shop in the States (Preferably) in CA that can adjust the odometer to reflect the actual mileage? I've had mileage adjusted before on analog odometers but I've been getting dead ends with these new digital dashes? Any help is much appreciated! 😀

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Darn, I was hoping for maybe a speedometer shop that would have the ability to do this. Oh well, I'll just keep up with the logs and enjoy the bike as is. 

Thank you!

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I've always heard it was illegal to change the mileage on any odometer and all I've ever seen people do in your situation was to simply record the older odometer's mileage like you have and pass it on to any future buyer of the bike. 


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