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Hi folks! 

Glad to join the forum! I just bought a 2015 FZ-07 with 11,500 miles on it. It has had 3 oil changes so far with  the last one at 8k miles which included an oil filter change as well. I guess it's due for another change. Reading around the web it appears folks are using the 4k mile interval to change oil but as per Yamaha its  either every 6 months or 4k miles which ever is sooner. I'll definitely be hitting the 6 month mark before the 4k mile mark, so should I be changing the oil every 6 months? 

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My Bike has 1540 miles. I changed the oil and filter at 100 miles with Castrol 10w40 regular oil. At 600 miles with Castrol 10 w 40 multi blend and at 1100 with Castrol Multi blend. I'll be changing at 1600 miles with  Bel-Ray EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil 10W40.   Once I use the full synthetic i'll go longer between changes.  The cost is minimal and it makes complete sense to change every 6 months or 4K. You can get a 4 pack of OEM ( Genuine Yamaha Oil Filter 5GH-13440-60-00 Filters) on ebay for about $55.00  that's about $14.00 per filter + the cost of oil. The Bel ray Synthetic Ester is about $35.00 for the 4qts. So for less than $50.00  you make sure the bike is well maintained. 

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17 minutes ago, NikitaUCLA said:

I'm just going to change the oil once a year regardless of mileage.

How many mile a year do you put on your bike?

Just shut up and ride.

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On 6/27/2019 at 10:42 PM, andrewnguyen23 said:

I change every 4k miles and seems to work well.

very reasonable, i do the same, no need to waste your money on unnecessary changes.   

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