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Immobilizer error after flash


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In some way i accidently took a us file instead of the EU file and loaded it onto the bike. the result is that its displaying error 5d_ _ 54, connection between immobilizer and ecu. i have had FT ecu on the phone 4 times and tried to correct and fix this issue with no luck, tried reuploading a EU file, no luck, tried a yamaha dealership and they coulndt delete the errors or reset the ecu. i have tried re programming the keys and still no luck. 

FT-Ecu cant help me, they litterally said that, they dont know what to do and even forwarded me here.

Yamaha dealership cant help me and have tried numerous times without luck.

no other dealership in my country knows the issue or how to resolve it 

no public information regarding this issue

also tried a veteran ECU tuner and he tried with different programs and so on with no luck 

my last option that i can see is a new ECu a new Immobilizer and new keys, and then a new map.

currently the costs of trying to resolve this problem have reached  700$ and still no solution.


I beg for help

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f@#k man!! The reason that has happened is because you didnt match the ECU number with the file number in the tuning suite.. It doesnt matter what the country code is for example, Im in the EU and the code that matches my ECU ending 591A40 has a PHL country code. I had to flash my bike with the PHL code one because thats the one that matched my ECU number.

I'm not a tuner or a mechanic Im just a noob with a flash tune kit so Im sure they already told you this.. But, have you tried reflashing within the FTECU tuning suite but this time making sure the code on the ECU image/file matches up with the one on your ECU. But, obviously if the immobilizer is already triggered. Even if you did get the flash right, I think the immobiliser issue would  still need a reset/replacement from Yamaha.

Probably haven't helped you but worth a shot.. Good luck man.

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