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Gruezi from Switzerland!


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Hello all

Three weeks ago I got my mitts on a 2017 MT-07 here in Switzerland (12.5k Km on the clock), so decided it was time to join the community. This is a pic as it was in the dealer parking lot.


Previous owner had done some modifications I would have done myself too, like:

  • Reach adjustable levers
  • LED indicator lights
  • Tail tidy/removal
  • LED tail light
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Crash protectors on the side (is that the right name? bobbins?)

He also added a screen as you can see, and some panniers. The panniers I rarely use, but they come in handy when needed. The screen is not to my taste, so has come off.

I've been lurking around the forum for a few days, and there's some very useful info here! I have some mods planned, which I'll try to document as I go along. In the plan are:

  • Instrument cluster relocation (bracket is on order). The current position puts it outside my field of view
  • Already discovered the halogen front light is rather pathetic (even after adjusting height) so will likely replace that with an LED bulb
  • Heated grips: probably the Yamaha OEM ones, or may be I'll take a punt on some cheap Chinese ones. Either way I'll likely put them behind a relay. Don't like the big ugly controller on the Oxford ones
  • Will likely add a voltmeter, I like to understand what the bike is doing
  • I'll probably add some auxiliary front lights to make myself more visible, need to find a solution that doesn't look too hideous
  • Previous owner didn't install a radiator guard, so it's not looking as shiny as I'd like. I may replace it with an after-market unit. Have seen one somewhere that is a little deeper than the OEM part, may help with cooling, but not really thought about it much

This is my first bike after a 20yr hiatus. Life took an unexpected turn, so time to have fun again! and boy is this bike insane. I use it mostly in the city, and this thing is massively overpowered for city life. Scooters don't stand a chance at the lights! 😄 . On the motorway slip road it'll go from 30pkh to >100kph in third gear. First time I did that it felt like someone punched me in the stomach! haha.

Just received the Haynes manual for it. Oh boy, this thing is complicated, but I'm undeterred... aiming to do all the work on it, wish me luck!


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Welcome to the forum and welcome back to riding again!

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