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I am looking for a spare wheel set for a 2019 MT and was wondering why people are running R6 wheels as they are the same size as the MT, is it the brakes?

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A lot of the racers use them, because there are a lot of them out there (used), and most racers have multiple wheels/multiple tires for different conditions. I think the rear might require different wheel spacers to get everything to line up correctly, but I'm not positive on that? The front is NOT a direct swap. The rotors are different size (R6 is larger diameter). Most the track bikes you see with an R6 front wheel probably has one because they put an R6 front end on it (forks, calipers, etc.). Just makes sense to do the whole front end, rather than try to retrofit something. Hope that helps you out-

BTW: Welcome to the forum!!!! 😎

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Thank you for the the explanation it makes sense. I  am coming from  the motocross world and building out an MT-07 to road race so I am learning the Yamaha bolt-on tricks.... ;)

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@hxman I always like to use the r6 front master in all my builds. Its oem'd brembo and superior to the stock master. Plus it looks cool

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