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rear brake lever free play? How much?


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Hey guys,

How much free play is required in the rear brake lever for safety?  I adjusted the nut/bracket in the pic downward and that removed some free play such that the rear brake bites almost immediately when I press it down.  I think this feels better for riding but I'm worried it'll cause an issue.

The rear brake pads do not seem to be rubbing on the rotor--i drove around for ten minutes without using rear brake and touched the rear rotor to see if it would be hot (indicating rubbing) but it was not hot.

I'm wondering if there is any danger here. (I.e., something about expanding due to heat or master cylinder being clogged it something)

For the record, when stock, the bolt pictured had five threads showing under the adjustable nut--ive got three threads showing, so I reduced the free play by two "threads" worth.


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Thanks so much for any advice. 

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Just a side note cos I don't quite know what you are doing. I lifted my lever for better effect. This put the brake lights on permanently. Another adjustment put that right (not by me).

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Just do it! 

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