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Bought a month ago new previous year's mt-07, the one with neon green wheels. Bike is planned purely for recreation to improve mood and get fresh air as I work from home. In the past I used to commute on ninja 250 for around 10 years but recently I was bikeless for 6 years so it will take some time getting comfortable riding again and getting skills back.

So far I like the bike quite a lot. Pretty good step up from 250. Way much more fun but not dangerously. Was a bit confused by throttle jerkiness and sharp engine breaking but after tensioning loose chain and after couple hundred miles it seemes a bit smoother. As I understand ECU flash might help but I plan to just try getting used to it and learning smoother throttle control this year.

Not planning any modifications beside frame sliders. Not sure about why everyone rushes in with tail tidying and exhausts, looks like a good way to throw dirt at yourself and piss off neighbors. Thinking about getting some inexpensive luggage in addition to backpack to get extra riding time from quick grocery store runs.

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Welcome to the forum and back to riding!

2018 MT-07 - Mods: Shorty Levers, Radiator Guard, Puig Sport Windscreen,Air box  Snorkel Removed.

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