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If the wheels are an old size, the latest and greatest track DOT tires will not be available.  That would be a negative.

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Craig Mapstone
Upstate New York

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It'd be a hoot. I tracked my old RD's. I race against them once in a while depending on what class I'm playing in.  They can go to beat hell if the owner/rider let's them due to their age. They can make an easy 60-70hp tuned, weigh 250#, 6 speeds, and that sound, yeehaw!

Metzler has modern rubber for vintage stiuff now too,


Vintage racers know all to well the difficulty there can be when it comes to finding appropriate tires for the race track, as the odd rim sizes of classic motorcycles are often outside the sizing parameters of good modern sticky...

Kinda miss the old girls.

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Back in the day, I had an RD350 that was set up pretty much exactly like the one in the video. Cafe seat, expansion pipes, clip ons. Had it tuned and ported. It was a blast. I bought it new for under 1000 bucks. I used to ride with Honda 500's and 750's. Could blow them away in the twisties. Wish I still had it and have been looking for one for a while now. It was quite a challenge to get it jetted properly and if I didn't close the fuel valve, the plugs would foul within an hour of sitting. Had to always carry spare plugs. After a couple hours on that thing, my hands would be totally numb from the vibration. Never did a track day though but would love to try it.

Steve, 2017 Yamaha FZ-07, 2016 BMW 1200RT, 2019 Ducati Monster 1200s - Harbor Beach, Michigan

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The RD400 is not the best of the RD's. The handling was a bit klunky, though maybe modern shocks, fork internals and steering head bearings and swing arm bearings may help.

The wheels were silly heavy as well.

Better to get a earlier air, or later water cooled, one in my opinion. My RD350LC  was one of the most favourite bikes I have ever owned. Even they need a modern shock and fork work ( though the forks are still a bit wet spagetti if you are used to riding modern bikes).

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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