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Loose Right-Side Chain adjuster


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So, after changing axle and axle bolts & chain and sprockets, I put everything back together. After doing everything g supposedly right, I found the right side chain tensioner/adjuster to be loose!

With the axle bolt slightly loose, I tension my chain and aligned properly. Then, I tighten both nuts on both sides of the chain adjuster once I get it correct and aligned. Lastly, I finally torque down the main axle bolt to 76ft-lb. I give it a test ride, feels good. But then I realize, despite everything being torqued down, the right side chain tensioner is loose! I have no idea why and it was a bit concerning.


I tightened it back up a bit (the axle bolt was always tight throughout everything). Should this be of any concern?

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7 hours ago, roarence said:

Should this be of any concern?


Loosen the axle nut and give the rear tire a good bash from directly astern with your knee. Hold it forward as you tighten the axle. (Get in the habit every time you work on it)

When you work on the rear end or change a bunch of components as you did it's easy to let one side slide a c hair outta whack. 

No biggie, good luck. 

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You want both sides pulling all slack forward.  Put a round shank screwdriver into the rear sprocket so the chain goes over it and lightly rotate the wheel till both sides are tight, then tighten the axle nut.

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