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2008 R6 Shock Info


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I decided to take one for the team based on @pattonme's thread for shock swaps and purchased a 2008 R6 rear shock.

Below are my measurements, but I do not have a micrometer so it may not be "perfect".

EDIT: I've added the numbers in text as the upload crushed the image size and quality making it hard to read the numbers.

Top of shock to bottom = 320mm

Center of bolt holes = 295mm

Bolt hole(s) diameter = 10mm

Top to outside of compression adjuster = 20mm

Top to outside of reservoir = 50mm

Center of top bolt hole to outside top of reservoir = 85mm

Outside reservoir diameter = 48mm

Spring area = 155mm



Outside to tip of blue compression control = 90mm

Outside to bottom of gold compression control = 80mm

Bottom of gold compression control to outside of reservoir = 25mm

Opening between bottom clevis = 30mm


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Adding text for measurements because image quality got degraded
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forgot the shock shaft diameter which is 14 mm by my measurement and this is about the only way that I can see getting the closest eye to eye measurement we need to make this shock useful as a swap to the FZ07. Also the inside diameter of the body and the depth of the body are important. I have a 2006 R6 shock and a mid eighties GSXR750 shock disassembled and hope that a swap of the R6 clevis to the GSXR shaft will work to meet this goal. Both shock bodies seem to have the same depth and ID so I am attempting to find someone who can remove these components and fit the GSXR shaft into the R6 body. My local sportbike shop that was helpful early on has become less helpful lately. 

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Please keep me posted as I've kind of fell off on this project and the shock has just been sitting in my room forever.

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I tried fitting the R6 shaft assembly into the GSXR body and it stuck strongly after insertion about  ten or fifteen millimeters. I had a heck of a time getting the two components separated and when the R6 shaft assembly finally popped out of the GSXR body, the piston rubber seals were badly mutilated. I measured both bodies internal diameters as best as possible but they evidently diverge somewhere creating an interference fit. So I suspect the R6 piston has to stay with the R6 body and we need to try another 14mm shaft that is longer and cross our fingers that the R6 clevis and its damping control along with the R6 piston will swap to the new shaft. I am hoping to get a donor shaft out of the FZR1000 shock laying on my shop bench. The FZR body mounts will not fit the FZ07 locations but maybe we can cannabilize its shaft.@twf,are you offering to join in the search to add another oem shock to the list of substitutes for the stock FZ07 shock? I'd pay the freight to you if you've got the skills to disassemble/reassemble bike shocks. BTW, I figure using the GSXR shaft with the R6 components will give us only about seven millimeters longer eye to eye distance than a stock R6 shock. Don't think that's worth it.P4040008_LI.thumb.jpg.02712e244b0b726484b324ac1f0a650d.jpg

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You seem a little bit more knowledgeable about this than I and I wanted to know why you feel the need to swap out the internals? I was thinking a slightly longer clevis / eyelet swap would suffice,  but I have no idea about the spring or any of the internals and what would need to be done.

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I can take shocks apart and swap parts if  combination you looking at will work. I do not know if it will work without seen it all apart. Personally I am not interested in researching which shocks may work. That is up to you, I just offered to do part you can't do yourself and your shop does not want to deal with any more. 

Basically if you send me 2 shocks I will take them apart and see what it takes to make it work.

It can be doable easy or it can be more involved and not worth doing it. 

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hey twf, pm your address and I'll get the local UPS store to send the shocks to you. For br4ndon, I found out the GSXR clevis is not deep enough to straddle the FZ07 link so we need a clevis mount deep enough to allow the bolt to go through both the clevis and bolt bole in the link. Both the GSXR and R6 shafts are drilled with the GSXR using a long rod to connect its clevis located damping control wheel to the shock piston. The R6 has a control dial mounted to its clevis and I'm not sure how that will work with the FZR shaft. Anyway, I figure we're not going to get enough length out of the GSXR shaft/R6 clevis combination to be much of a benefit so I think we should try the FZR shaft and R6 clevis/piston assembly to give us another shock option for the bike. I hope this isn't getting too Byzantine for you! I sent my two shocks-the R6 and FZR1000 to Zoran today June 13 to see if the FZR shaft will accept the R6 components and if the combination will fit the R6 body giving us a close eye to eye length to the FZ07 shock. We'll see what happens-fingers crossed. 6/22, TWF has my two shocks and reports that the FZ shock is seized and he will have to destroy it almost to get the shaft out. I told him to proceed and determine if the R6 piston and clevis will work on the FZ shaft  and the assembly moves in and out of the R6 body without any interference. We'll soon know if this exercise pans out. Update 7/1,twf came back to me 6/30 with his findings regarding the fitment of the R6 components to the FZR shaft and basically it was a no-go. To get the R6 shock on the FZ07 is going to take some finagling like maybe a longer clevis for the R6 shaft. The 20mm difference in the two shocks(FZ07/R6) eye to eye length is a big hang up. But if someone wants to pick up where I left off, good luck.

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Hard to get a pic, but on the forked side you can swap over the R6 bushing.  Ss-Moto lift link for comparison, maybe will make up for the differencein length?









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Rumor is the Tracer 700 link arms are a little different and using one in a MT/FZ slightly raises it....investigating that right now.

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