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I am trying to tune some pre-gear fueling.

However, because this is an ABS bike, they do not have the transmission speed sensor that the non-ABS have. I am trying to get the PCV to recognize a speed signal so that gear calculations can be made. The reason for wanting per-gear mapping on the PCV is that the ECO mode varies per gear and you have to map around it. Do you have any suggestions?



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@hxman, just a thought, as the engine is the same for all modelsI suspect it has the opening for the transmission speed sensor.  Perhaps you could find one for a non-ABS model and install it for the PCV to use. 

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I  am thinking about that, I just got one off ebay. I  will need to patch it into the ABS ECU some how. I need someone with a shop manual for a 2017 non-ABS model. 

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