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Does changing the gearing impact the speedometer?


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I bought a used MT07 and the previous owner told me he changed the sprockets on the bike. Does this impact the speedometer or is it still accurate like it is stock?

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If he chose sprockets that use more or less teeth than the standard 16 front/43 rear, it will make a difference on the speedometer and odometer. But shouldn't be more than 2-3 miles per hour at legal speeds.

Just shut up and ride.

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My Aussie 07’s speedo under reads by 10% with stock gearing (bike bought new). Best thing to do is compare speedo readout with GPS figure.

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Isn't it depending if it's an ABS model or not? With ABS the bike takes the speed signal from rear wheel sensor, so the gearing shouldn't affect the speedo. 
This is my actual knowledge, sorry if wrong

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My stock gearing FZ-07 is 0.5% under compared to GPS speed as a comparison.

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My stock gearing read 61 when my GPS read 60. I went up one tooth in the front now my speedo read 60 when the gps read 66. My speedo read 113 at 122 gps speed

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