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Hand guard with LED light with amber signals.


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Did install new hand guard with LED. Bit of glintch to mount on left (looking in front) end up making new bracket. Right side no issus. Poor thing is, parts came with hand guard unit to mount on the end doesnt fit at all, cant wait for return n redelivery for the suitable parts. Decide to drill nd tap the OEM bar ends and job done, easy as simple (took time though),

here you go how to connect lights!!!!!!??????? Did some brain strome. 
Finally choose to connect turn signals behind head unit, like wise also parking light with day time running LED. 
Great job 

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Cool! Might save a finger from the pain of a bouncing rock, a chunk of tire or a June bug. (warmer hands in the winter, also.) How about some pics with the lights turned on and from a few different angles, thanks!


Well, that's weird, that pic wasn't up when I posted this.


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