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Two Chander, AZ Cops Died in One Week


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Not sure if its taboo to talk about it but hope this makes us pay closer attention of our surroundings even though sometimes "sh!t" happens unfortunately. 
Down the street of my house a off-duty cop was on his bike and made a left turn at an intersection. A Jeep SUV ran through a red light and struck him. Unfortunately, he died. Investigation still underway so its unknown what that person was doing at the time of blowing the light. 
Later that week (last week), another cop died on his motorcycle. He was at a stop light around 1am and some drunk plowed right into him and kept driving. The drunk was caught a mile down the street and had an infant with him in the car. 
Overall, please be safe. Makes me a little unease hearing all this but just staying as safe as I can be. 

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Since it was a cop that got killed, I'm sure the entire department will not rest until the offender is brought to justice. If it were you or me that got hit, it would be our fault.
Moral of the story...watch your a$$ out there.

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