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MT07 blown bearing seal? 200 miles


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Recently picked up my MT07 and noticed some grease outside of the rear wheel bearing. Left side of bike. Is this normal or did a seal blow? I also have what I can only describe as a rattle that I think is from the chain. Do these bikes have noisy chains or is this noise from the bearing?


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Bah, nothing to sweat. The bearings are prepacked and have a seperate seal pressed over the bearing that some folks don't even bother with. A little grease is good as it covers the bare metal and lets the axle slide in and out easier. 

And chains make a little noise, that's normal too. These bikes are quiet enough that you can hear too many little sounds. Things like valve train ticking at idle, intake honk under acceleration, gearbox clunk while shifting, tire growl going down the road, chain 'schick-schick-schick' while underway. Kinda the same noise you'd hear if a dog ran by on the sidewalk dragging twenty feet of his chain. 

They have a little personality. Get to know and appreciate it and when something goes off you'll be aware of it. 


You could have a friend lean the bike over onto its kickstand and get the back wheel off the ground. This way you can get down and spin the wheel and listen and feel but I'd bet you're fine.  

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I was able to quieten my chain by using an alignment tool. It turned out that on my bike, the notches on the adjusters were out almost a whole notch when comparing left to right. A straighter running chain is a quieter running chain.

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