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2WDW Flash + Yosh Experience and Questions


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Hey Gang,

Just finished installing and testing the Yosh + Flash combo from 2WDW. I'm sure its been mentioned a million times but the guys at 2WDW are great. Turn around was great and they answered all my questions usually within just a few minutes of sending an email. My bike just hit the 600 mile mark so in when the exhaust in, snorkel out, ecu in, oil change, and chain check. The yosh was pretty straight forwards for the install. Headers lined up perfectly although  hanging the can was a bitch. Installing the baffle was also a pain in the dick. Here is a tip for anyone struggling with getting the bolt through the carbon fiber cap and into the bolt hole without dropping it inside the can. Use a rubber band around the screw and your allen wrench just until you get it threaded. Otherwise be prepared to shake that thing out a few times. Once hung there is very little clearance between the rearset and can, but I don't suspect it is going to be a problem.  I'm really happy with the fit / finish and sound of the yosh. It has real bark when your on the throttle but is tame as cruising speeds. At least with the baffle in.  

ECU install was snap on the 2018, just slid it into position and banded it in. No need to lift the tank. As far as the tune is concerned, I'm not sure I feel too much of a difference. Engine breaking seems improved in the upper gears but is still there in lower gears. Power and acceleration feels about the same. I may have been expecting too much? So this is where I have a few questions for those who may have the same setup. 2WDW tells me I should leave the baffle in,  has anyone noticed much a a difference with the baffle in or out, other than sound? I'm still on 87 octane and I believe the tune is timed for 91 octane. Does the bike have knock sensors and timing control? Could I be loosing a little power with the lower octane fuel? I was expecting 6 - 8 HP based on 2WDW dyno charts, not sure I feel it. 

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I had them do my bike after new pipe and snorkel remove,,I wasnt that impressed specially after hearing all the hype ,,if rpms arent up it wants to bog ,not terrible  but like at 60mph in 6 th gear it feels sluggish ,,,3rd and 4th gear have good pull,,still have lots of herky jerk on excell,,decell much better ,,I have to ride it like a dirt bike around down ,,using the clutch.anyway like i said i wasnt impressed and took the bike in ,,{they are local },, Nels said he couldnt do anymore for sharp excell,,he put bike on dyno and said its running at 70 hp ,if i want more hp get a bigger bike he said..at 350$ not cheap but had to be done due to the mods,the good thing is i think as long as you own the bike and make any changes they will re tune for free. have to run supreme gas for sure . My brother put regular in and i could swear it was binging .


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yes you MUST run Premium to get the power....11.5 Compression ratio, and the timing is stupid retarded without it...get that crap outta there and get it fulla premium !!

I run non-ethanol Premium in mine  runs like a scalded cheetah.....


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