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10 lbs clutch pull


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Interesting question, using a dryline and my fishing scale it was in that 10-11lb range on my 2015 with full-size CRG lever.

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On 8/22/2019 at 5:59 AM, NikitaUCLA said:

My clutch pull is about 10-11 lbs. Is this normal or too heavy?

Why would it not be normal?

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6 hours ago, Beemer said:

buy a new one and be done with it.

For USD $20 cost for a new cable, this gets my vote. You've got 30k miles on that OEM cable... give it a much deserved retirement. 👍

Tape the end of the new cable to the end of the old cable and pull it through... easy job.

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Just shut up and ride.

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I love riding this bike every day but my "trigger finger" condition is not getting any better. I find that switching over to my wife's BMW G310R allows my clutch fingers to "rest" because the clutch pull is only 6-7 lbs. Oh well, old age sucks.

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