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So life update: Decided not to sell the bike, but not for a lack of trying...for whatever reason people don't want an amazing looking fz in the summer time...WEIRD! But I decided, ya know what, why not. So I paid the registration and hopefully *HOPEFULLY* going to be able to start riding once the dmv decides they want to do something in a timely matter and give me my new stickers in the mail (I decided to just send them the check with the paper instead of wasting a whole day at the dmv). 

Anyways, my dad and I just installed my ECU flash tune kit and then that became complicated and one of the wires frayed and had to order another pin connector set...but hopefully I can get that in by next week so I can prepare to buy that exhaust i was talking about earlier this year! 

Can't wait to hit the streets again, going to take it slow and dust off and practice my basics again. Never a bad thing to do to get back into it! 


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