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folks, I do a LOT of shopping online....I'm both old, and lazy, and it seems to me to be much easier thisaway....


the reason for this post is that I recently sent my ECU to 2WDW to have it flashed..  I am STUNNED to find out that

it is ALREADY on it's way back to me !   I tracked it to there, and they didn't even GET it until 2:00 YESTERDAY  !

and it's already in the mail system and on it's way back today ?  ....people, this is the most excellent service a guy could ask for...

I just wanted to let everybody know these are the kind of folks ya wanna do business with...  and if any of you have had  qualms

about sending yours off, hesitate no longer people,  they are truely DA BOMB !

THANK YOU 2WDW for your fine service !!





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Your experience isn't uncommon when dealing with 2WDW. I also experienced similar quick turn around when I had my flash done. 👍

Just shut up and ride.

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maybe so, however, it's still exceptional service and needs to be noted.... :D


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got the ECU back and installed....bunch smoother, mo' power and I love it  !


thanks guys !!


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