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Where to find fuel maps/tunes?


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Ok so I'm a long time lurker and (mostly)first time poster, I have yet to interact with this forum much but I recently acquired a ftecu tuning cable and I will soon be getting the license to go with it. I have started looking around for tunes and I just can't seem to find out where they exist. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I know there must be sites dedicated to this somewhere out there...

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You have to create an account on powercommander.com and then you can download the fuel maps.  Choose one that is a close as possible to your intake/exhaust setup.  Load it up with FTECU and that's it and that's all.  Watch the jakethegardensnake install video on Youtube if you haven't already.

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Does the akrapovic exhaust stock air filter fuel map work with the baffle in on that site? Are all akrapovic maps work only without baffle?

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