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Atoplite Headlight Upgrade


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Hey Everyone,


Has anyone installed the Atoplite Headlight upgrade to their bike? If so, how do you like it and please post some pictures.


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I'll post some pictures when I'm back at my pc but im fairly happy with it. It could use to be raised another quarter inch but that's the only gripe. Nothing a few washers can't fix.

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I said in a previous thread that I thought it was too expensive, but I gave in.....6k kms ago.

I like it a lot.....easy fit and connect.
I am in Thailand so I bought mine direct from the manufacturer in China.....very good service.


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Really cool , I ordered some led bulbs from China and now I’m 2 years with them and really really happy .

 I spent a lot of time learning everything about leds bulbs before buying them and I must admit than 90% of them are sh*t ... and is so hard to make a good choice ... at one point I was even thinking about reselling them and offer a warranty ( may even do it if someone want ) 


long story short ! 
Love the idea , really cool but maybe too expensive but 2000%  easier than buying a Chinese bulb 

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On 12/7/2019 at 10:01 AM, Bigturbomax said:

How well does it light the road? Any night shots?

Sorry missed that.

I haven't done any night shots, but the answer is very well indeed.
On dip a very effective 'flood' of light.
On main beam it's pretty fierce ....I'm told it's too bright to have on in daylight !

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