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Meadowlands Mile Flat Track Race


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Went to the watch Meadowlands Mile races last night with my brother in law. Saw some really cool FZ’s in the pits. Actually all the bikes in the pits were cool.

The racing was great, these guys were flying. We stood down by the track for twins final, the sounds, the smell of race fuel and getting pelted with dirt (rock) was priceless. 

JD Beach was riding an FZ in the main event.

Absolute highlight for me was seeing and saying hello to Wayne Rainey as he passed by our table in the lounge. Wayne has always been one of my idols. I really wanted to get a picture, but he was heading off to officiate the event, so I didn’t want to bother him. His smile and “Hey guys, how are ya?” We’re good enough.


Some FZs


The lounge


Representing FZ-07.org




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