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Bike wont start after 2 weeks away


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Hi all,

I've just got back from holiday and went straight to my bike to give her a spin. The bike's display comes on and the signalling works but when the ignition is turned, the engine doesn't start. It just makes a ticking noise which I can sense underneath the seat. I have a tracker and some extra LED added to the headlights. Conditions while i've been away have been pretty wet but she's been under a cover. Never had an issue like this before so any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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This has to be a battery issue. Check voltage.  You may have a draw on the battery when bike is off.  Make sure any added accessories are not pulling current when off.  If you have had longer intervals without running bike and it started up fine, then it could just be battery showing its age.  

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battery for sure .. 

I have an alarm with gps , so it drains a lot of electricity...

that is how I learned to push start a bike 

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