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The company who makes the forum software that we use is working on their own iOS and Android app. When it is ready, you will all be able to download their app, find this forum on their app "as well as others" and use this forum via their app on your phone or tablet. 

While this forum is already pretty easy to use on your phone, there are some features that are dumbed down a bit. Namely, push notifications.  Using their app, you will be able to get push notifications whenever someone replies to your posts or sends you a pm.

It will work very similar to Tapatalk. 

Why don't we integrate with Tapatalk? Forum owners hate Tapatalk.  Tapatalk requires a full copy of the live forum to be on their servers, which is a security nightmare for forum admins. If Tapatalk gets hacked, we get hacked. they also then have total control over the forum. I am not willing to take that risk and this is why I ended our Tapatalk integration a couple of years ago.

I'll let you know when the new forum app is ready, probably around the end of the month. 

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